Rodeo Details


Fish Categories

Fish Categories (Master & Junior Awards for Each)

   Bluefish     Mullet              Spanish Mackerel

   Bonita           Redfish            Speckled Trout

   Flounder     Skipjack          White Trout

   Grouper     Snapper               Pinfish (Junior Only)

Master & Junior Combined Categories*  

*Master and Junior anglers compete against each other in these categories.

   Cobia                     Dolphin

   King Mackerel      Sheepshead

Other Categories:
Family Only - (Dad, Mom & Kids in same household)
Redfish, White Trout & Bluefish

LARGEST FISH (Cannot be in an award category) 

Lion Fish: Longest, Shortest, Most Quantity
All Lion Fish PAID Angler Registrants entered in drawing for Luminox Dive Watch courtesy of Bere' Jewelers


Fishing Dates & Times

From 12:00 AM Saturday, June 8th until 5:00 PM Sunday June 9th, 2019.  In the event of severe weather, the rodeo may be rescheduled, shortened to 1 (one) day or cancelled.  The Rodeo Chairman and Rodeo Committee will make the decision on any of the above.  One fishing day constitutes a complete tournament.

Weigh-In Station

All official entry tickets must be purchased and filled out completely prior to weighing any fish.  Weigh scales are located at the South Shoreline Park Pavilion.  To be considered in a fish class, the angler must bring the fish they caught along with their completed official entry ticket to the weigh master.  Scales open each day at 2:00 PM and close at 5:00 PM.  At the 5:00 PM close of weigh-in each day only registered anglers in line who have been validated by the Sertoma Rodeo Committee will be allowed to weigh their catches.  The weigh-in closing time (5:00 PM) will be determined by the official clock displayed at the weigh-in site.  Each angler is responsible for weighing in his/her own catch.

Fishing Guidelines

All fish must be caught on rod & reel!  No other devices are allowed.  Mullet are the exception and may be caught in cast net.    All fish must be in edible condition.  Any mutilated fish will be rejected.  Any fish appearing to have been frozen, gutted or chemically treated is rejected.  Sertoma Rodeo Committee reserves the right to use the Torrymeter; a reading of less than eight (8) will result in disqualification of the fish and angler, forfeiture of all fees paid and qualification for prizes.  Junior Anglers are those under age 14 at time of weigh-in.  


Awards are presented strictly based on weight and time of weigh-in.  Anglers may win only once in each fish category but may win in multiple categories.  Awards will be determined and granted by the Rodeo Chairman based on the Rodeo Rules listed and set by the Rodeo Committee.  

Tie by Weight

In the event of a tie by weight, the winner shall be determined by the earliest weigh-in time.  Time is officially displayed and recorded on a clock at the weigh-in station.

Awards Ceremony

Awards and Prizes will be presented upon completion of weighing all qualified fish and after the weigh-in station closes Sunday, June 0th.  Results are tabulated at that time.  Any awards and prizes not claimed within ten (10) days become the property of Gulf Breeze Sertoma Club.

Rules, Infractions and Disqualifications

To maintain the integrity, participation and event success, all anglers must abide by the rules stated herein in addition to applicable State of Florida and Federal regulations.  Dishonesty and/or failure to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all fees and prize considerations.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will cause disqualification of the angler from the event without refund.  The Rodeo Chairman is the sole judge of any rule violations and final decisions.