30 Apr 2016

Local Reefs

Take advantage of our Reef Locations Guide below. We have deep water, shipwrecks, natural reefs and artificial reefs listed below. Each reef has the coordinates, depth, and brief description. Descriptions are courtesy of R. Turpin.

30 Apr 2016

Our Sponsors

Gulf Breeze Sertoma Club would like to thank all of the sponsors that support us year after year. Without the help of all of you, this event simply wouldn't be possible. We're proud to see all of the businesses and private individuals take such pride in our community. This is our 26th Annual Family Fishing Rodeo and we hope to have your support for many years to come!

30 Apr 2016

Local Ramps

Local Area Boat Ramps:

Below is a list of local area boat ramps. Included with each is the GPS coordinates along with a brief description of each location. Includes fee, parking, ramp condition, and other miscellaneous information. We've mapped the GPS coordinates for you. Just click on the GPS Coordinates to get directions.
30 Apr 2016

Pearl Harbor Survivor - William Braddock

Pearl Harbor Survivor - William (Bill) Braddock:

The Gulf Breeze Sertoma is pleased to announce that Pearl Harbor Survivor, William Braddock, will be attending this year's Family Fishing Rodeo.