Local Ramps

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Local Area Boat Ramps:

Below is a list of local area boat ramps. Included with each is the GPS coordinates along with a brief description of each location. Includes fee, parking, ramp condition, and other miscellaneous information. We've mapped the GPS coordinates for you. Just click on the GPS Coordinates to get directions.

Bagdad Boat Ramp

7025 Dorrs Fence Road • Bagdad, FL 32583

GPS: N 30 35.778 W 087 01.708 • No Fee

Single unimproved boat ramp on Blackwater Bay. Lot of sand/mud on ramp from runoff. Looks a little shallow on the approach, I would only launch a small shallow draft boats or kayak/canoes here. Would be concerned about getting stuck in the mud on approach also. Santa Rosa County boat ramp.Parking at top of ramp for 10-15 vehicles with trailers.

Bal Alex Boat Ramp

4180 Sandy Bluff Drive • Gulf Breeze, FL

GPS: N 30 23.868 W 087 02.900 • No Fee

Single lane concrete boat ramp with boarding dock .Ramp is steep and water looked shallow, I would only launch shallow draft boats here, depending on the tides. Santa Rosa county boat ramp and park.

East River Boat Ramp

Hwy 87 S/East River Bridge • Holley, FL

GPS: N 30 26.463, W 86 52.001 • No Fee

Two Lane concrete boat ramp on the East River. Parking for 15-20 vehicles with trailers. Boarding dock. Looks like you could launch large (25’) boats here with no problem. Santa Rosa County boat ramp.

Garcon Point Ramp

S end of Garcon Point Rd off SR 191 • Garcon Point, FL

GPS: N 30 26.683 W 087 06.092 • No Fee

Single concrete Santa Rosa county boat ramp on a canal with access to Escambia Bay. Located at the north west end of the Garcon Point Bridge. Sign beside ramp states “Sharp Dropoff”.

Gulf Breeze Wayside Park Boat Ramp

SW corner of 3 mile bridge on Hwy 98 • Gulf Breeze, FL

GPS: N 30 22.348, W 87 10.657

Fee: $ 10.00 daily $ 50.00 annual

Wide single lane concrete ramp with boarding dock on Pensacola Bay at the southeast end of the Hwy 98 3 mile bridge. Paved parking area for 36 vehicles with trailers. Allows quick access to the three mile bridge on Pensacola Bay.

Shoreline Park Boat Ramp

Shoreline Drive (SR 399) * Gulf Breeze, FL

GPS: N 30 21.074 W 087 10.472

Fee: $10.00 * $ 50.00 annual

Two lane paved boat ramp with boarding docks on Santa Rosa sound, west of the Pensacola Beach Bridge. Paved parking for 43 vehicles with trailers .

City of Gulf Breeze park. Additional facilities includes a pier into Santa Rosa Sound, boardwalk, picnic tables, bathroom.

Holley Boat Ramp # 1

3100 Live Oak St • Holley, (Navarre), Fl 32566

GPS: N 30 26.936 W 086 54.946 • No Fee

Single lane wide concrete boat ramp on East Bay with a boarding dock. Limited parking on the west side of the street.

Holley Boat Ramp # 2

South end of Holley Point Road • Holley, FL

GPS: N 30 26.7498 W 086 54.5238 • No Fee

In a residential area!

Jim’s Fish Camp Boat Ramp

3100 Hwy 90 • Pace, FL 32571 • 850-994-7500

GPS: N 30 34.512 W 087 11.045

Fee: $ 4.00 daily launch fee, includes parking

Two single lane, concrete boat ramps on the Escambia River. Store is normally open from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm. Honor system/box at other times.

Navarre Beach Boat Ramp

South west foot of the Navarre Beach Bridge • Navarre, FL

GPS: N 30 23.013 W 86 51.809 • No Fee

Excellent paved 3 lane boat ramp with boarding docks. Paved parking for 133 vehicles with trailers, 58 standard parking spots. Bathroom. boarding docks. am to 5:00 pm. Honor system/box at other times.

Oriole Beach Boat Ramp

3165 Linden Avenue (off Harrison Ave) • Oriole Beach, FL

GPS: N30 22.418 W 087 05.519 • No Fee

Double wide concrete boat ramp allowing access to the Santa Rosa Sound. Additional facilities include 2 fishing piers, 4 picnic tables, portapotti, light.

Woodlawn Beach Ramp

Woodlawn Beach, FL

GPS: N 30 23.235 W 086 59.808 • No Fee

Single lane paved boat ramp with boarding dock. On Santa Rosa sound, between Gulf Breeze and Navarre

Quietwater Beach Boat Ramp

East side, CR 399, SE end of Pensacola Beach Bridge

Pensacola Beach, FL

GPS: N 30 20.335 W 087 08.734 • No Fee

Two lane concrete boat ramp. Some buckling of the concrete has occurred but still usable. Shallow water on the approach.

NOTE: This ramp is actually on the east side of Pensacola Bay on Pensacola Beach.

Sabine Yacht Club Boat Ramp

Private Ramp

300 Ft. Pickens Rd • Pensacola Beach, FL

GPS: N 30 19.862 W 087 09.003

NOTE: This ramp is actually on the east side of Pensacola Bay on Pensacola Beach.

Seventeenth Avenue Boat Ramp

17th Ave @ the Railroad Trestle Pensacola, FL

GPS: N 30 25.180 W 087 11.614

Fee: $ 5.00 launch fee, Uses honor system with box next to the east ramp.

Two separate single lane concrete boat ramps on the northwest end of Three Mile Bridge across Pensacola Bay. Most people use the northern most ramp, not as steep. The east ramp approach is Designated paved parking area for 14 vehicles with trailers.Sign beside ramp states “Sharp Dropoff”.

Swamphouse Boat Ramp

10421 N Davis Hwy (Hwy 90)

Pensacola, FL

GPS: N 30 32.817 W 087 11.773

Double lane concrete boat ramp on the southern end of the Escambia River.

Last modified on 22 May 2017